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Angled Plastic Pockets with adhesive backing

Angled Plastic Pockets with adhesive backing
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    €56.58 EUR  inc. VAT ( €46.00 EUR  ex. VAT)
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Product Code: 1702126467

Product Description

Angled adhesive pockets are plastic pockets are A4 width to take a portrait sheet, with a peelable backing to expose the adhesive. You can then stick them onto a presentation folder or document and it will take A4 sheets.

Our adhesive pockets are made from high quality, crystal clear and recyclable polypropylene as opposed to many other sorts available which are made from thicker PVC material that is very difficult to recycle.

These pockets can be very effectively used to replace a die cut document holder in an A3 or SRA3 laminated folder. You can simply print, laminate and crease an SRA3 sheet, cut to the required size and stick an angled plastic pocket in without the need to make up a die cut card pocket for the folder.

The benefits of using clear plastic pockets are numerous, the whole document can be seen, so an important letter is visible in full once opening a folder and there is no need to double sided tape a card pocket to a folder – our angled pockets are already adhesive, simple peel off the backing paper and press down.

Angled pockets are supplied in two orientations, a left-hand version where the highest edge is on the left hand side and angles downwards towards the right and a right-hand version where the highest edge is on the right hand side.

We can send out samples of this product free of charge for you to test, simply call us or add them to your basket proceed to checkout and we will send these to you.

More Information:

  • Width: 218mm
  • Height: 130mm highest side - 95mm lowest side
  • Capacity: 3mm or up to 10 sheets of standard A4 80gsm paper
  • High quality polypropylene plastic that is completely clear with no colour tint
  • Durable, won’t curl or yellow or go brittle with age
  • Recyclable
  • Closed on 3 edges for additional security over standard corner pockets
  • Simple peel away backing paper to reveal the adhesive and stick down
  • Permanent acrylic adhesive for strength in all situations
  • Can be stuck to laminate

Also known as:

  • A4 Pockets
  • Sticky plastic pockets
  • Document pockets
  • Folder pockets
  • Triangle pockets
  • Sloped pockets

What our customers say about this product:

Two customers who have been using these pockets from us for some time both commented that the main benefit was the ease of use in folder applications, so instead of spending time designing and die cutting an internal pocket and then sticking it down with double sided tape they could just use an angled A4 pocket instead – being transparent it didn’t spoil the design and as it was already adhesive there was no fiddle of sticking down with tape.

Typically used with:

  • Point of sale document holders
  • Presentation folders, card and laminated

Additional Information

  • Thickness of the polypropylene plastic is 160 micron each layer plus adhesive, total pocket thickness 325 micron (0.325mm)

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