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ATG Tapes for ATG Double Sided Taping System
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ATG Tape (Adhesive Transfer Gun Tape) is the ideal solution for many jobs that need to be finished by hand. At Presco we stock a variety of widths and adhesive types which include standard, high tack and perm/peel, so there’s sure to be something which meets your needs.

To purchase the ATG Applicators CLICK HERE

See our time comparison video:

With our easy to use ATG Applicator, our double sided adhesive transfer tapes provides you with an experience of high speed application, clean cut edges and an instant bond! All these features eliminate the need to mix your own adhesives and allow for drying time - which cuts production times and saves you money!

If you are to purchase 6mm tape you will need a 6mm adapter to go with your applicator. To view the adapter click here. 

Standard adhesive ATG tape is supplied on a natural unbleached liner and is a clear, giving a clean finish to your application. On the reverse of the ATG refill packaging is instructions on how to install the rolls into your ATG Applicator.

Our refills come with leader of red tape at the start of each roll making it easy to find and install. The core is a durable, white plastic with a 25mm diameter. As you are nearing the end of the dispenser, print will appear on the lining advising you for the need of a new re-fill.

Core size: 25mm
Thickness: 0.070mm
Shelf life: 12 months
Application Temperature Range: 5°C – 25°C

Size Adhesive Type Ref.
6mm x 50m Standard 6033
12mm x 33m Standard 6035
18mm x 30m Standard 6036
12mm x 30m Perm/Peel 6037
12mm x 25m High Tack 6039

How to load your ATG gun:



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