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Plastic Binding Covers
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Product Code: 1701848771

Product Description

Plastic binding covers are one of the most common finishing touches to any wire, comb or coil bound document. Add a quick professional glossy finish to your document with a clear binding cover (various thicknesses available) or go for a more modern matt look with a frosted plastic cover.

Our most popular cover is the standard A4 240 micron clear cover – this has enough rigidity to be a sturdy and smart cover but not so thick as to affect the overall bulk of the document.

Frosted binding covers are a much thicker plastic cover with a rough matt surface. You will still see pictures and titles through this cover but it adds a bulkier, textured effect to any document that is great for thicker books or training manuals where you want really durable protection.

Poly binding covers contain a heat-sensitive adhesive and when used in conjunction with a thermal binding system the spine strip on the covers will adhere to the document to create a strong bind.

All the binding covers on this page are supplied unpunched at standard sheet sizes, A4 or A3. We also supply ready punched plastic binding covers to take that extra step out of your workload. View these here.

More Information

  • A4 covers are stocked in 100 packs or 1000 packs
  • A3 covers are just available in 100 packs
  • Glossy finish on clear plastic binding covers
  • Supplied unpunched at standard A4 and A3 sheet sizes
  • Clear plastic covers are PVC acetate
  • Frosted plastic covers are made from polypropylene
  • For cover thickness use the drop down above to select the required cover type and thickness

Also Known as:

  • PVC covers
  • Acetates
  • Acetate covers
  • Plastic covers
  • Clear covers
  • Plain binding covers

What our customers say about this product:

Feedback on these items is hard to get as they are a very simple product – if you are using them there is not much that can go wrong! When we asked we had plenty of comments that quality was good and the thinner plastic covers didn’t have the static problems that some covers have.

A tip from one customer was to thoroughly ‘crack’ the pack of covers before opening the pack to free the individual sheets and stop covers sticking together. Bend and lightly twist the pack of covers in different directions and you will hear the sheets separating. After a few bends they will be far easier to use when you open them.  This applies particularly to the glossy PVC covers, the thicker polypropylene covers usually do not stick together as they are much heavier weight.

Typically used with:

Additional information:

  • Some of these covers can be printed on, this does depend on your printer and we cannot guarantee results. To be absolutely sure we can provide samples of all of these covers for you to check print capability.

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