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Guarantape 5 Endurance Double Sided Tape

Guarantape 5 Endurance Double Sided Tape
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Choose Tape Width - 50m Length Rolls
Product Code: 2909215811

 Guarantape Endurance is a new ultra-performance double sided tape. Endurance is a crossover from all your most demanding hand finishing tasks right through to sign making applications and metal, plastic and ceramic materials.

Endurance has a Guarantape Adhesive Level of 5 - making it stronger than our top standard finishing tape, the Guarantape Ultra Stick. Endurance is designed to be stronger and more reliable than some of the best tapes available – with incredible new pricing rates on carton quantities.

If you would like to see how our new Guarantape Endurance compares please contact us for a free sample roll so you can experience our best Guarantape product yet!

A major benefit of the Endurance tape is that it has been developed to product a minimal odour rating – the adhesive is practically odourless compared to very strong smelling adhesives on most other super strong double sided tapes on the market. This has been very relevant in certain workshops where ventilation is not adequate and Endurance solves these headaches – metaphorically and actually!

For the most demanding applications we recommend our Guarantape Extreme range (Adhesive Level 6+) – where you can choose from a Polyester tape, a tearable acrylic tape or a glue tape, all with unbeatable top-level adhesion properties.


More Information

  • Guarantape adhesive Level 5.
  • Minimal odour – no fumes or strong smell as experienced with other super adhesive double sided tapes.
  • Free samples available to test, simply select on the dropdowns above and add to cart. If you are looking at contract rates or a large job speak to us and we can usually send out full rolls on a sample basis.
  • Tissue tape, can be torn to any length
  • 50m rolls stocked in bulk, larger 100, 300 and 500m roll lengths available to order or on contract supply.
  • An alternative to Nitto 500 tape – with bulk savings on price.
  • Guarantape is an industrial range of tapes controlled and distributed exclusively by Presco, giving you a direct manufacturer pricing structure and reliability.
  • This is a thin ‘flat’ double sided tape – for tape use on textured or uneven surfaces you should consider a polyester tape or a glue tape, which is has a thicker adhesive able to grip even very bumpy surfaces.

Also known as:

  • Very high tack double sided tape
  • Permanent adhesive tape
  • Tissue tape
  •  DS Tape

What our customers say about this product:

This is a brand new product for the Guarantape range and we are still collecting feedback from our customers about the Endurance tape. So far we have received great reports from customers testing free samples, it beats high performance tapes they have been previously using plus a major benefit of being almost odour-free compared to other high adhesive tapes that are smell strongly and can be a health and safety concern in certain application environments.

Typically used with:

  • All paper to paper uses, from lightweight up to 200-300gsm card.
  • All firm card or board surfaces
  • Coated and semi-gloss stocks
  • Litho printed paper and board
  • Digital print on basic materials, papers, cards and photo papers. For canvas, fabric and high gloss materials try the Guarantape Ultra Stick or Extreme Polyester tapes.
  • Files and folders, 3D constructions and models with card and paper.
  • Envelopes
  • Medium stress uses with firm uncoated surfaces, e.g. food product boxes.
  • Showcard struts to non-laminated surfaces
  • Photo mounting
  • Not suitable for use with fabrics

Additional information

  • Measurements of width accurate to +/- 400micron
  • Roll length accurate to +/- 50cm
  • Full specification and production sheets available upon genuine request
  • Tapes rigorously tested across Guarantape range

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