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Welcome to bannerEYE!

An innovative new banner eyelet system ready to improve and simplify traditional metal eyeletting, with no more rust stains - ever.

BannerEYE logo strip


Would you prefer this...                                  or this?

Rusty metal banner eyelet in banner display material              Clear plastic banner eyelet in display material

Did you realise that so many of your perfectly printed banner and display materials can quickly be ruined by the metal eyelets used to fix them? Metal banner eyelets can go rusty within weeks and really spoil any outdoor banners. This is where it gets good - we have launched a new heavy duty plastic banner eyelet system that can eliminate this problem for good!

Go from this...                                                 to this with new, sturdy bannerEYE!

Rusty brass banner eyelet in red display material              New bannerEYE plastic banner eyelet in display banner

bannerEYE uses extremly heavy duty plastic eyelets for display work, banners, sign makers, wide format finishing and POS applications. Imagine a reliable, strong banner eyelet that is quick and easy to fix, will never degrade or rust and can now blend in with your display design to appear almost invisible.

bannerEYE plastic white banner eyelet in display banner


bannerEYE is this new eyelet, a unique range of coloured strengthened plastic banner eyelets fixed with the bannerEYE press in a single, self-piercing action. No more stains and rust problems of traditional metal eyelets, and plastic brings a whole range of colours. Stocked in black, white and clear plastic - these eyelets can become almost invisible in use, and as you can see in this picture here they blend in perfectly with banner design and will never rust or spoil the graphics! Change the whole appearance of your large format banner  work to a new, modern and durable standard!

You will not believe how sturdy these eyelets are; made from a two part rigid and semi-flexible PVC plastic they are stronger than thin metal banner eyelets which can bend and quickly rust. We will send out free samples, just ask for details.Don't just take our word for it - we will gladly send you samples of the eyelets, loose and fixed into a material so you can see just how different and innovative bannerEYE is. 

Click below to view and buy bannerEYE eyelets and the new bannerEYE eyelet press.

bannerEYE plastic banner eyelets             bannerEYE plastic banner eyelet press       

This new bannerEYE banner eyelet system is one of our most exciting new products this year, and we're passionate about how simply it can change old, rusty and poor looking posters and banners. We want to help you avoid the common problems like the pictures below - you may not see your printed display material looking like this, but your customers will soon notice when their print starts to look grubby and rusty. 

Keep your eyes open next time you go for a walk and see how many rusty banner disasters you can see! Up until now there has not been an easy, quick solution - bannerEYE changes all this. For the same cost as the flimsy metal eyelets you can now use sturdy, long lasting and completely rust free plastic banner eyelets to do the job like nothing else will.

There are hundreds more examples of old rusty eyelets we all see every day, and we are out to change this.

This could have been...                              this.

Rusty metal banner eyelet in black material          Black plastic banner eyelet in display material

This could still look like....                           this.

Rusty metal banner eyelet in white canvas banner material.          White plastic banner eyelet bannerEYE easy fix

 Rusty metal banner eyelet in purple and white poster

Click below to view and buy bannerEYE eyelets and the new bannerEYE eyelet press.

bannerEYE plastic banner eyelets             bannerEYE plastic banner eyelet press