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Guarantape Adhesive Levels Explained

One of the key benefits of the Guarantape range is the clear visual adhesive levels - at one glance you can identify the right tapes and adhesives for your job. Using a jargon-free 7 level scale our aim is to make buying tape easy and reliable. 

This is a brief overview of the adhesive levels, if you want full technical information and adhesive properties please get in touch. 

  Non-permanent adhesive for use where a product or document will be removed in future.
Standard permanent adhesive for common paper-to-paper uses and uncoated materials.
Higher tack permanent adhesives for use in box making and with semi-coated surfaces.
Very high tack permanent acrylic adhesives for work with glossy surfaces and digital print.
High strength crossover adhesives for very demanding finishing work to basic signmaking.
Extremely strong signmaking grade adhesives for use with any material in almost every situation.
Our ultimate strength adhesives - at this level you can start sticking cars to the sides of buildings!