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 Laminating FAQ's

What is thermal film?

  • Thermal film is where the adhesive is heat activated when going through a laminating machine with heated rollers or plates.

Do we stock longer roll lengths?

  • YES! We do sell these as they represent great value for money and a time-saving in not changing the roll so many times. We can supply almost all of our films in rolls of any length up to 3000m.  The standard lengths are 500m, 1000m and 3000m.  Most 3000m rolls are for thinner 22-30 micron films and come in all standard widths for use on digital or litho print. Longer rolls like this are wound on a 3” (76mm) cores. Please contact us if you require further information. 

What’s the difference between OPP films and thermal laminating films?

  • These are the same thing, OPP is the plastic the film is made from (also sometimes referred to as BOPP)

What is OPP film and how is it different to other laminating films?

  • All of our lamination films are OPP (oriented polypropylene) this is the material the film is made from. The adhesive is then added to the plastic film to create the finished lamination film.

I’m a big user of laminating films, can Presco be competitive?

  • Yes. We import and manufacture some films to our own specification. Speak to us about your requirements

What do some 75 micron films feel thicker and more rigid than other 75 micron films?

  • This is due to the composition of the film and the plastics used for the film. Our standard 75 micron encapsulation film is a 2 layer high quality plastic film that is very durable but with a thinner ‘flexible’ feel. Our Certa-film encapsulation films have a 3 layer composition of different plastics that create a much more rigid ‘thick’ feel to the final result. It really comes down to personal preference which one is best for your application.

What is the difference between Matt and Dead Matt finishes?

  • A Matt finish to a film (also known as Satin Matt or Silk) retains some reflective value, with a very slight sheen to the film, whereas Dead Matt (also known as True Matt) is a fully matt textured film with almost no reflective value. Other matt finish films are Anti-Scuff, which is a tough, resistant film and Soft Touch. Soft Touch is like an extreme matt finish – where the film is textured to a degree that it does not reflect any light at all and has a rubberised ‘soft’ feel to the film.

We are using a digital film, but it is not sticking very well, what can we do?

  • Try our Ultimate Digital Film, this is the strongest adhesive film on the market.

Sometimes when we fold the laminated item we find that the laminate starts to come off, what can we do?

  • If you are doing more with the laminated sheet, you need to leave it for 24 hours after laminating, before you do it. This gives the glue time to set.

On digital print, we sometimes have standard print, and sometimes solid colour print, but don’t want to keep chopping and changing rolls, is there one we can use for everything?

  • Yes, you can use our Ultimate Digital Film, which will do it all.