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The Guarantape Story

Guarantape has been quite the journey - for both Presco and our customers. Some time ago, double sided tape was a nightmare area for us where we wasted hours frustrated with inconsistent tape quality issues. One big problem brought this to a crisis when tape failed on a huge job, and the few pounds spend on buying cheap tape to finish a £100k project put the entire job at risk. We knew it had to change so we chucked everything out and started all over again to build something new and far better.

To start with we spoke to our customers. To our interest they were experiencing exactly the same frustrations with their tape suppliers. After lots of research, we approached two new manufacturers to create something quite unusual - a range of adhesives and tapes that could really be TRUSTED, every time and no excuses.

Together with manufacturers and our customers, we developed a new range of tapes - starting in the lab looking at what adhesives we wanted to create right through production and now distributing bulk cartons and pallets of more than seven (soon to be twelve) unique new tapes. Guarantape double sided tapes are simply reliable - a collection of superior adhesives that take the uncertainty out of any double sided taping job.

The element of trust throughout this process has been essential. We trusted you, our customers to tell us what you really wanted from tape. We began a new trust relationship with our manufacturers where we knew exactly what was being produced and what guarantee we had of it's reliability. This assurance means that Guarantape directly addresses common worries about 'is this the right tape for the job' and 'will it hold' by offering a clear new range of adhesive levels with recommended uses that are designed to do what they say, not just marketing fluff.  

One thing that was never in doubt after an early suggestion - the range was going to be called 'Guarantape' - a new word that linked our new guarantee of reliability and trust with the amazing new range of adhesives we had created.

Tapes in the range start at a removable adhesive level, standard paper-to-paper double sided tape and go right up to top level polyester tapes. We are specially proud of the unique new 'Extreme Tearable' tape - a tearable tissue tape with higher specs and test results than a plastic polyester adhesive tape! 

As you can see by now, the Guarantape story has been very much a team effort with always one goal in view - TRUST. 

We offer you our full support, advice and assurance for Guarantape.  It is a unique brand designed to be trusted and developed by a group of experienced print finishers who were fed up of cheap double sided tapes ruining a big print job. We needed a better level of quality and total reliability - we made Guarantape.   

Presco is the exclusive distributor of all the Guarantape products in the UK and throughout Europe. We work directly with multi-billion distributor-only manufacturers to bring you reliable tapes and stocks. from single rolls to pallets of tape. For the big users you will save massively by buying in cartons and pallet sizes with our competitive pricing (but never penny-pinching, we don't forget that Guarantape was created to be far better than any other tapes available).

For any of our tapes you can request free samples, simply select this option from the product page. We recommend doing this to ensure you use the right tape for the right job. You can even ask for our full Guarantape kit - offering samples of all the tapes in our range, free of charge. With Presco and Guarantape you will find we can offer advice, experience and a level of trust you will never find with other double sided tapes. 

Thank you for your interest in Guarantape - developing and launching this range has been a very rewarding project enabling us to offer tried, tested and trusted adhesives every time with the same excellent service you will always receive from Presco.

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