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Anti Static Brush
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Product Code: 3775862339

Anti static brushes are an invaluable tool to remove static for wide format print with plastic materials or to stop dust problems resulting from static. Just quickly brush across the material to remove the static build up. Simple to use and can save lots of problems with stacking and trimming sheets which still hold some static charge.

Our anti static brushes are made from a blend of fine goats hair and metal fibres for smooth use. The special fibre will dissipate a charge on any electrically charged surface. 

Static electricity can build up through friction, pressure and separation, the charge can lead to a slow production process and increase your production costs. In order to make sure the process goes smoothly, it is necessary to control the static electricity. Many new wide format machines will now include an anti-static strip where the finished material is ejected from the machine and has greatly helped. However, if you are having issues with older machines or large stacks of printed material this anti static brush will eliminate this build up.

These brushes are frequently used in copy machines, ATMs, cutting machines, printing press, laminating machines and paper cardboard manufacturing.

More Information

  • Available in two sizes, a 130mm or a large 280mm option
  • High quality American engineered brushes

Also known as:

  • Static wiper brushes
  • Anti static wipes
  • Anti static strip

Additional information

  • Technical specifications and material make-up available upon request.


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