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Guarantape 6 Extreme Glue Tape

Guarantape 6 Extreme Glue Tape
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Product Code: 1702203843

 Guarantape Extreme Glue Tape is our thickest, strongest finishing tape – with a very high adhesive level of 6 and a condensed 1mm thick adhesive for fixing to rough, uneven or unpredictable surfaces.

Glue tape can be used for hemming banners, hanging posters and banners internally and externally and is also used in basic sign making applications where you may with working with metal to metal, plastic to metal, wood or concrete and many other demanding situations.

The Guarantape range has been designed for large trade users of tape and we offer incredible carton, pallet and contract rates for this range of industrial tapes. See below for links to the bulk double sided tape pricing.

More Information

  • Guarantape Adhesive Level 6.
  • Free samples available to test, simply select on the dropdowns above and add to cart.
  • Glue tape is transparent, with exceptional resistance to temperature and UV rays.
  • Supplied in 12mm or 25mm tape widths, more available to order.
  • 33m rolls stocked for immediate supply.
  • Guarantape is an industrial range of tapes formulated and distributed exclusively by Presco, giving you a direct manufacturer pricing structure and reliability.
  • Guarantape Extreme adhesive level 6 tapes are also available as flat polyester or flat tearable tissue tape if you are working with two flat surfaces.

Also known as:

  • Glue tape
  • Thick tape
  • Vertical hold tape

What our customers say about this product:

One of our best customers for this tape is a company supplying number plates for new cars. They can simply stick strips of Glue Tape to the back of the finished plate then send them off to manufacturers and garages to be affixed. It gives an incredibly strong, sightless fixing and they have never heard of any plate ever coming off

Guarantape is a new, exciting range of superior tapes for Presco and we’re still collecting feedback from customers about how they use all of the different tapes in this range. We’d love to hear about your experience with Extreme Glue Tape!

Typically used with:

  • Banner hemming, save the expense of a welder and simply use Glue Tape to hem your banner with no worries about it every coming unstuck!
  • Oversize banner, poster and display materials onto external or internal walls – concrete, metal or even plaster and pain finishes.
  • Demanding metal-metal applications (any metal surface must be grease free before applying any sort of adhesive tapes).
  • Any demanding finishing application where a flat tissue or polyester tape will not perform on an uneven or soft surface.

Additional information

  • Measurements of width accurate to +/- 400micron
  • Roll length is 33m accurate to +/- 50cm
  • Full specification and production sheets available upon genuine request
  • Tapes rigorously tested across Guarantape range

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