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Guarantape Adhesive Strengths Explained

Guarantape Adhesive Strengths Explained
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One of the key benefits of the Guarantape range is the clear visual adhesive levels.  Better still we offer free samples for all tapes - this is most important as the applications are so varied that only real life testing can confirm whether the tape will work for you.  To order a sample go to the product, click on the sample option.  Do the same for any other tape you require a sample of and then go to the checkout.  The samples will be sent out 1st class to you with no charge.

We understand how important it is for you to completely trust any tape used in a print finishing job. The ultimate nightmare is a phone call after delivery to say the tape is not sticking properly. That is why we supply tapes that are designed to be trusted. Guarantape is manufactured in world class production facilities with laboratory backup all the way from design to production quality control. So when you buy Guarantape from Presco you know it can be trusted to do what the description says.

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