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Plastic Binding Combs

Plastic Binding Combs
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  • €4.81 EUR  ex. VAT (€5.77 EUR inc. VAT)
    €5.77 EUR  inc. VAT ( €4.81 EUR  ex. VAT)
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Product description

Plastic comb binding is maybe the cheapest and certainly one of the longest standing document spine binding methods around. You may have seen plastic binding combs in many manuals, guides, reports and other technical or learning documents as comb binding has been the choice for educational and corporate documents for many years.

Comb binding is a straightforward spine binding system where you need to punch holes in the long edge of your A4 document, thread the comb into the punched document then close to form the binding.  

Comb binding then has the advantage of being able to open the document binding at any point in the future and add or remove pages or even whole sections of the book. The prongs on the comb simply open up and you can change pages as needed. If however you are looking for a more secure binding method you might want to consider wire binding, or coil binding.

Prices start from just pennies per comb, if you are using large quantities speak to us and we can quote for contract pallet quantities.

More Information

  • Stocked in Black, white, blue, red and green as standard, many more colours available to order for larger quantities.
  • Diameter combs available: 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm, 28mm, 32mm, 38mm, 45mm, 51mm – all these are kept in stock for fast delivery in the colours above
  • 20 ring plastic binding combs for older binding systems are no longer available as standard items but can be ordered, please contact us with your requirements. Buying our standard 21 ring combs and simply cutting the final loop off will work as well.

Also known as:

  • Comb binders
  • Plastic combs
  • Binding combs

What our customers say about this product:

Our customers for combs tend to be large educational institutions or big company print rooms where many similar documents are produced. Some of the punching systems for comb binding have been running for over 30 years and still working well! One of our customers comments on the price ‘combs are by far the cheapest way to finish disposable documents, we produce hundreds of reports per week and it needs to be economical, they may only be read once then recycled.’

Another customer has used red combs for many years as bright red is the corporate company colour and adds instant silent branding onto any document they product.

Typically used with:

Additional information:

  • 21 ring combs stocked for A4 binding, all other types of comb by enquiry only
  • 20 ring combs were an older binding system that is no longer in common use. Our standard 21 ring combs can be used with this simply by snipping off the last loop with scissors.

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