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Plastic Binding Coils

Plastic Binding Coils
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Product Description

Plastic coil binding is a method of document spine binding similar to wire loop binding and plastic comb binding. Holes are punched down the margin of your document and a plastic spiral is bound into the holes to form a strong, safe and permanent spine binding, with benefits such as lay-flat pages and a wide range of colours available to order.

Read below for information on the plastic coils we stock or view a full article on Plastic Coil Binding here, this will give you a full overview of what coil binding is and its advantages over traditional document binding.

More Information

  • Stocked in three colours, black, white and clear – available to order quickly in 36 standard colours
  • Hole pitch 6mm.
  • Fast next day delivery on stocked coils in all sizes.
  • 48 or 49 holes per A4 long edge – far greater strength than the 23 loops of 2:1 binding wire for example
  • Coil binding machines sold separately, click here to view range.
  • Plastic thickness of coil is 2.7mm
  • Coil needs to be crimped to finish the binding process, crimping pliers sold here.
  • Child-safe for use in schools and educational environments, no dangerous wires.
  • Secure – once bound cannot be opened again
  • Heavy duty – will bend, pull and can be crushed without breaking or losing shape

Also known as:

  • Plastikoil
  • Coils
  • Spiral Binds
  • Plastic Spirals
  • Spiralz
  • Coil binders
  • Coloured coils

What our customers say about this product:

One of our biggest corporate customers uses our white plastic coils for their in-house training manuals and product listings. They told us: “We found that coil is a very flexible system, we don’t need to stock a large range of sizes and white is usually fine for whatever book we’re doing. On the whole, we’re really happy with it, thank you for your advice in recommending plastic coil!”

Another customer who uses our clear plastic coils for making notepads thinks that the clear coils give a very modern touch with a colourful jotter pad finished with the transparent spiral.

Typically used with:

Additional information

  • Length of A4 coil approx. 320mm before binding
  • Length of A5 coil approx. 240mm before binding
  • 53 loops pre-crimping on an A4 coil
  • 38 loops pre-crimping on an A5 coil
  • Thickness of the coil plastic is 2.7mm diameter (2700micron)
  • Tools required: Coil Binding Punch, Inserter and Crimper

What do our staff say about Plastic Coil?

We have sold plastic binding coils for many years and think they are a clever spine binding option with many advantages over traditional plastic comb and binding wire. The coils are made from a robust plastic that will bend and flex easily without cracking or altering shape.

We stock black, white or transparent coils in all sizes from 6 – 25mm diameter for fast next day delivery to you. Larger sizes and different colours are available with a short lead time.

Coils are particularly relevant in high-use situations when being used with big manuals as they hold very thick documents stable with all the advantages of lay flat binding.

Coils have the advantage of large number of colours available – in addition to the 3 colours we stock we offer 36 standard colours of coils with a very short lead time. If you are stocking up for a large corporate project we can even make plastic coils in your pantone brand colour!

Coil is no more complicated than wire or comb binding, the same principles of needing to punch the paper, insert the binding method (plastic coils are simply twisted into the punched document by spinning rollers on a machine or by hand) and then close or fix the binder.

This last step in the binding process is to ‘crimp’ the ends of the coil to keep the plastic coil secure in the document. This is done with a simple pair of crimping pliers. Once the document has been finished, it is secure, the coil cannot be pulled out easily like wire and pages cannot be removed or added like plastic comb binding.

Overall, at Presco we think that coil is a fantastic and under-appreciated spine binding system. With the durability, security and range of sizes and colours available it is a smart alternative to traditional wire and comb binding.

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