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Spine Tape For Bookbinding 24mm - 50m Roll
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Product description

Spine tape is one of the simplest and most basic spine binding methods, often used for sketch books, small notepads, report pads, cheque books and ticket books. It is simply a strong paper tape with an embossed linen effect texture backed with an aggressive permanent adhesive. Cut the tape to the required length, wrap around the spine, press to seal and you have a bound book.

Spine tape is not a complete binding method and will not hold all the pages in a large pad for example, it is usually used as an aesthetic finishing touch for glue padded books and often used to cover up staples in thicker pads, so the end result is a tidy, attractive looking spine.

The tape can be applied by hand or by a semi-automatic machine and the adhesive will form a very strong bond over a 24 hour period to become a durable binding.

The embossed effect on the tape is to give a traditional glued cloth look to the binding. Taping a book is a lot quicker than pasting and gluing a cloth binding and with the variety of colours available you have more options to create the right look for your book.

If you are not sure which width will work best or you would like to see the colours simply ask us and we can send out samples free of charge for any colours or widths of tape.

More Information

  • Stocked in black, white, dark blue, dark green and red
  • Four widths to choose from, 25mm, 38mm, 50mm and 75mm (the actual amount of tape visible on the front cover will be around a third of this depending on the thickness of your book)
  • Tape can be torn by hand if needed
  • Any spare tape on a roll will keep for up to 12 months with full adhesion properties
  • Long-lasting and durable, once tape is applied to book the spine binding will be secure for many years, depending on usage level.
  • Repositionable for up to 3 minutes after application.
  • The permanent adhesive takes up to 24 hours to form a full bond with the paper or spine, if it doesn’t seem to be sticking when first put on try applying a bit of pressure and leaving, the adhesive will build up over the next few hours
  • Available in pallet quantities at very low contract prices for big usage – speak to us for a quote on this.

Also known as:

  • Linson tape
  • Embossed spine tape
  • Linen tape
  • Cloth binding tape
  • Bookbinding tape
  • Linen embossed tape

What our customers say about this product:

One of our most regular customers uses this product to create artists sketching pads with spine tape. They like the traditional look and feel of using   In this case, their sketch pads are already bound using padding glue and the purpose of the spine tape is simply to hold a thick card cover in place around the sketch pad.

Another customer tells us that she uses red spine tape to create distinctive invoice books for temporary exhibitions and fairs.

Typically used with:

Additional information:

  • Thickness of tape is 250 micron

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