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The Presco minimum order value - What is it and why do we have it?

Posted by Phoebe Pomeroy on

What is your minimum order value rule?

Our minimum order value means that you will be unable to check our with less that €25.00 of products before delivery charges. You may have found this frustrating if you only wanted a single box of binding wires or just a few screws for a small document job and we understand this. The reason we have a minimum order value is simple - we aim to give unrivaled service for all orders and don't want to ever reduce this level of care and service to fulfill very small orders. 

But I don't need anything else, what do I do?

There are a few options if you are really stuck. We are happy to send out around 10 samples of any of our small finishing consumables, completely free of charge. So if you need 12 binding screws for just 2 or 3 books you need to make up - its on us. Simply call, email or place your sample order online and we'll get it out for you free of charge. 

Usually it is simple to make up your order to €25 or above - with over 3,500 product lines in the Presco range we have something for every need in your company or print shop. From spill kits to cutting knives to packing tape - we can supply so much more than you may have realised. 

Will you always have the minimum order value?

Good question. Online shopping si changing the way we all work and we're listening to you - we want everybody to experience the Presco service no matter what size their order. So watch this space - we may soon be tailoring our website to process smaller orders as well without sacrificing our level of customer care.

Are there benefits if I make bigger orders?

Yes. The bigger your order the more you save. All orders over €175 are delivered completely free of charge, no matter what you order. 

So it's worth having a quick ask around before you order to see if anybody else wants anything from Presco - stocking up on double sided tape or a regular consumable means you always save over the long term.

Please tell us what you think.

Wee need your input to refine Presco service to suit all of our customers. Tell us what you think by emailing us or using the contact us page to let us know your ideas. 

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