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Yay! No more minimum order level at Presco

Posted by Matthew Painter on

We've been asking you what you think about our minimum order level and you gave us a lot of ideas. We've always operated at a €25 minimum order level for our trade customers and we wanted to find out how this was working for you today.

From what you told us we are very happy to announce that from today we are now discontinuing our minimum order level policy. For all orders up to €175.00 the delivery will be €9.95, regardless if this falls below €25.00.

And any order over €175.00 is completely FREE on delivery. We've just made it more simple - no penalty for ordering a single roll of tape - but the more you order the mores you save on delivery.

View our delivery options here for full price schedule. We aim for fair prices across all our products and services, meaning our delivery options will always be competitive; but most of all they are reliable.

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