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We're working harder for your loyalty

Posted by Jessica Joynt on

In our rapidly changing information age of creating, researching and buying online we understand that we need to work harder for your business now. 

That's fine with us. It keeps us on our toes and means we are always thinking about what else we can do to win your trust and your orders.

We no longer just print a bunch of catalogues, send them out and sit back waiting for your orders. We now spend every spare minute picking up the phone to ask you how you use display and finishing products, and if you would like a new Presco catalogue. Later, we'll make sure you have received it and know how to find and buy from Presco when you need to.

We still print our big hard copy catalogues for two reasons. Firstly, print is great. The more digital we all get, the more impact a beautifully printed document has, and we love seeing the creative ways print is now being used today.

Secondly, a while ago we asked how you prefer to buy from Presco. You told us you value and enjoy the hard copy catalogue to look through and gain ideas, but that checking prices and ordering online is quicker once you know what you want. So we keep working on this to make sure that it is truly easy and helpful to buy online. For example, enter any product code from our catalogue into our search bar and you'll be taken right to the exact product, size and colour you need. 

We know there's a huge market for our products and our excellent service, and we're determined to earn your business. We know it starts by talking and listening to you, and so that's exactly where we're starting.

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