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Tangled up binding wires?

Posted by Matthew Painter on

Do you ever get frustrated when you open a box to quickly do a box and 30 minutes slips away before you even get started because the wires have been left tangled in the box?  We have the answer, while it may seem nearly impossible to get all the wires apart again  you can do this in a matter of seconds. 

Simply drop the tangled wires onto a flat hard surface a couple of times and they should just fall apart from each other by themselves.  This works 9 times out of 10 and is sure an easy solution!

Many people try sitting pulling or twisting them apart but apart from wasting alot of time, it's almost impossible to do this without damaging the wires so that they become out of shape or stretched and it will not work when you come to bind your document.

Another option to overcome this is also to use the Renz boxed wires as these are supplied on cardboard trays and cannot be tangled up in transport or storage.  

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