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Plastic Coil Binding From Presco Online

Posted by Jessica Joynt on

Plastic coil binding from Presco Online.

Plastic coil binding, or Plastikoil or several other names – is a simple and colourful range of hardened plastic coils for an alternative spine binding option from the much used wire and plastic comb binding systems. The disadvantages of traditional wire binding - that it can be crushed, pushed out of shape or pull apart - and the disadvantages of plastic comb binding – that it will perish, be opened very simply, become brittle and spines break off – are all quoted as reasons why plastic coil binding is the logical and permanent successor for all types of spine binding.

The only problem is that not many people know this yet! Coil binding remains very slow catching on in the UK and Europe. Very popular in some countries, here it is very much still a speciality item and not the spine binding method of choice. Although plastic comb binding has declined in popularity recently, wire binding is still strongly used and outsells coil many times.

So why hasn’t coil taken off? It is certainly a good system and there are reliable machines on sale that make coil binding fast and simple, but it is rarely considered when looking at new binding systems. The key advantages with plastic coil binding are durability – the coil does not crush or break when squashed or put under pressure – and attractiveness – there are a huge range of bright colours and types of coil available, even fancy pearl and metallic finishes. Coils can also be produced to your own brand colour, so the options for use really are unlimited.

Punching documents for coil binding is much the same as any other spine binding system, inserting of the coil is done with rollers that simply spin the coil into the document. To finish, the ends of the coil must be ‘crimped’ using special pliers to stop the coil twisting back out of the document.

Once finished, the coil-bound document has a number of other obvious advantages. It cannot be ‘undone’ or pulled apart like a wire bound document and cannot be simply pulled open like a plastic comb bound document. There are no sharp wire ends to scratch or comb to perish – the hardened plastic coil will last for many years with no perishing or peeling of paint from the metal wires. The range and colours available of coil is important. With 36 colours as standard and unlimited colours available to create your perfect coil there is far more flexibility than with wire or comb.

Here at Presco we stock transparent, black and white coils in A4 and A5 spine sizes, you can speak to us to get prices, availability and information on other sizes and colours. Prices of coil are comparative to wire binding with Renz premium wires, and obviously more expensive than plastic comb binding, which remains the lowest-cost system. We also stock coil binding machines, crimping pliers and can send you information or quote for your requirements if you would like to know more about coil binding.

In conclusion, this is a great system that is under-rated as it is not widely used. For consistency and convenience you may wish to continue using your existing wire or comb binding systems. However, if you are ever given the opportunity to look at new equipment it is worth talking to us about coil – depending on your needs it may be the ideal new solution for you.

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