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Extend the life of your paper drill bit

Posted by Jessica Joynt on

WANT TO EXTEND THE LIFE OF YOUR DRILL BIT? Before your drill bits overheat, spoil or leave that 'dull' look on your job - take action! Below are some helpful suggestions on how to extend the lifetime of your paper drill bits. 

  1. Be sure you have the correct drill bit for your machine
  2. Use waxing paper to ease the drilling process
  3. Regular re-sharpening will bring back the cutting edge

If you do a lot of paper drilling you should think carefully about ways to extend the performance and life of drill bits - it can be very costly having to keep replacing drill bits if they shatter or break under high stress, intensive use or high heat as a result of not using waxing paper to refresh and grease the drill bit. 

Drill bits fail for different reasons, but imagine drilling several thousand sheets of paper regularly without much break - heat builds up fast with all the friction of drilling through material, grease on the drill bit disappears very fast and the friction then increases. If the drill bit is heated and cooled many times like this without fresh application of grease by using waxing paper eventually the drill bit will become brittle and crack, shatter or snap - leaving you without the tool needed to finish your job.

One common reason that drill bits fail is when drilling laminated material. The drill bit going through plastic creates very high levels of heat and can melt plastic shavings on the exterior and interior of the drill bit, causing more stress next time the drill bit is used. This will often lead to a bit becoming blunt very fast or even shattering due to the damage caused by excess heat. 

Teflon coated drill bits are made for drilling into more difficult materials such as laminated material. In addition to exceptional performance, these Teflon drill bits will reduce friction and heat preventing plastic from melting or paper from burning.

Here at Presco we hold a huge stock of paper drill bits, so order today and it will be with you on a rapid delivery. Any questions, contact Presco's customer service team on 01 841 1081 or sales@presco.eu 

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